I'm seriously considering hiring someone to resolve the lingering issues on a PET 2001-32N board. Check the Commodore forum for the latest thread on this board.

If you consider taking this on, I would ship you *only* the main board. At this point, the CRT and keyboard are completely functional, plus I'm not interested in paying shipping on a computer of this size.

I currently have the RAM removed from the board and am running the RAM/ROM from a daughterboard. Repair of the DRAM circuits is *not* required in this case. I'm looking to get the board into a stable condition and plan to either run from the daughterboard long-term or to design a chip emulator daughterboard to replace the DRAM completely. I have already built a modern replacement for the video RAM, but would ship with working standard SRAM installed in the video SRAM sockets.

If you are willing and qualified, please either post here or DM me with an estimate for your services based on the work already done in the thread above.