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Thread: Tandy 2500 XL, hard drive not detected

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    Default Tandy 2500 XL, hard drive not detected

    First time poster, novice at best as far as the inner workings of this old computer, so I'm looking for some expert advice: Had an itch to try and start up my old Tandy that has been in the basement collecting dust for at least a decade. Upon powering on I get the following: "Invalid configuration information - please run SETUP program, Strike the F1 key to continue." Hitting F1 then gives me "No boot device available Booting ROM..."

    Considering it booted from the hard drive last time it was used, which again has been years, and now it doesn't, leads me to assume the hard drive may have simply been lost to time?

    Is there any way I can confirm the hard drive is shot, or are there perhaps other reasons beyond my realm of experience that would cause this to happen?

    All internal connections to/from the hard drive seem to be connected soundly. I will gladly attempt to provide any other info that might be helpful.

    Hoping that data may be salvageable? Strictly for nostalgia purposes, nothing crucial to be lost beyond some games and documents that would be enjoyable to see again.

    Thanks in advance

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    The hard drive might be gone, but the "Invalid Configuration" message indicates that a dead CMOS battery is the likely culprit. The hard drive parameters are stored in CMOS , and if that data is lost, the system won't be able to access the hard drive.

    I don't have one of these systems, but a little research indicates that the setup program for this machine is on disk, not in ROM. If you still have the disks that came with the machine, and if they still work, the setup disk could be with them. It is otherwise likely available online. Perhaps one of our Tandy regulars can provide more information.


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