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Thread: EGA card recommendation

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    An EGA card was one thing I've never have used all these years, and I never intended to get involved with. Except I found one monitor I had picked up 25 years ago was secretly an EGA monitor, and I also have come across software for the monitor that complains it needs EGA, and won't run on CGA. So I guess it's worth a try.

    So I'm looking for an EGA card that has a video feature connector (because the software could do something with it), and the two rca jacks. Since EGA isn't too common to find anymore, I'd like to make search worthwhile. Any suggestions?

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    I could recommend the Vega Video 7 EGA short card, single ISA slot, does CGA as well. It has a feature connector. I used that to run an adapter to get monochrome composite video for the internal monitor in my IBM5155. Though I have heard there are other EGA cards just as good like the Paradise etc, but the video7 is the only one I have tried other than IBM's long card. IBM's original EGA card is much bigger and also requires the memory expansion module to work well, the video7 card has plenty of memory.

    I just saw this one and it looks like a good price but there is another there too on the usual action sites:

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    When I was using EGA, I used the Everex Micro Enhancer. Very nice "short" card. I may still have it somewhere.

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    When it comes to isa cards I always had been a fan of ATI cards. Wile I haven't used one myself Id opt for the ATI EGA Wonder 800. Note the 800+ is a rebranded VGA Edge card without the vga port.
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    Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. Some nice cards there, but definitely rare and if I could find it most are going for quite alot of ebay. I decided to go with a fairly common, late model genoa card that met the requirements.


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