I was digging around in my old room at my dad’s old house, and found a few neat things…

Macintosh LC system software. I had an LCII, so I am not sure why I have LCIII system disks, heh.

Also, the Out of the World manual. Couldn’t find the box or the disks, though!

Seven Cities of Gold for the PC. That was a pretty great game.

Prince of Persia 2 for the 68k Macintosh. Mannnn I hated those flying heads!

And Champions of Krynn for the C64. I didn’t own a C64, but I found that box in a used software bin and bought it just for the manual. Then I uh, ‘acquired’ a PC copy from a buddy. This was back in the day when ‘copy protection’ on the PC consisted of looking up a certain word in the manual and entering it. The C64 disks are in the box, but alas the manual is long gone.

And the coup-de-grace, OS/2 Warp version 3. DOS multitasking in the Windows 3.11 era!