I picked up a cheap GRiD 1450SX of unknown condition, without power supply. It's got one of those round connectors with 2 large pins and 1 small pin... common on receipt printers and surely many other things. Anyhow, I know the thing is 17VDC so I disassembled the unit and determined that of the two large pins the lowest one is DC Ground and the highest is 17V+. The small pin is tied to the shield which I presume is earth ground. Both 17V+ and DC Ground are tied to the shield via small caps.

When I juice it up the power LED blinks and that's all the satisfaction it will provide, which I suppose is better than no blinking power LED. Then I got thinking that maybe it's unhappy that there is nothing connected to the shield so I grounded it with no improved outcome. I had all kinds of GRiD's back in the day but that was decades ago. They are gone along with my memory of much anything about them. Information seems scarce too. I suppose the chances of finding any information about what the blinking power LED means are slim but you never know, so I'm posting here.

It's now banished to the shelf of things that need more than a quick look. I hope to troubleshoot it in greater depth this winter so if anyone has any thoughts please chime in.

Much appreciated