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Thread: Black display on Toshiba Satellite 110CS

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    Question Black display on Toshiba Satellite 110CS

    I obtained a Toshiba Satellite 110CS off ebay for a really good price. Stated that it powers up but with a black screen. I got the device yesterday. It powers up and obviously posts, and can hear the hdd initialize and the floppy drive buzz for a boot floppy.

    So, I opened her up and ask the community to verify that the flourescent lamp is dead. For all I know, it could also be a dead LCD. Forgot to use a flashlight to test the LCD with the device powered on.

    It looks obvious that the flourescent tube is burned out, but who knows maybe tiny little flourescent bulbs of this size look this way. Please confirm.

    The other end looks okay on close inspection. Nothing like the other end.

    i'm torn between buying a refurb lcd or buying a new lamp. Reason is, a refurb lcd's lamp could die anytime since it's already 20+ years old. If I buy a refurb lcd, and all I need is the lamp, then I"ll have a working LCD collecting dust. Torn, I am. Seeking guidance.

    When I took apart the lid to expose the lamp, it was obvious someone tried troubleshooting it before. They left a screw unfastened and jammed between the ground wire and bezel. If I"m lucky and all I need is a replacement lamp then I'll be
    lucky. These devices go for >$100 on ebay.

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    Bulb needs high voltage and that comes from an inverter board. Inverter boards have a habit of going south quite often. Look for the circuit board at other end of the cable going to the bulb. Might get lucky and it's just a blown fuse. Plus something as dumb as a stuck lid closed switch will turn the inverter output off since it is told to power down when the lid is shut.

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    Would it be possible to string some white LEDs somewhere in there?


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