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Thread: Model 1 110V Power Supply Fuse value?

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    Default Model 1 110V Power Supply Fuse value?

    The fuse is a 30mm x 6mm glass fuse with axial leads, I also believe it is a slow blow fuse. The Technical Reference manual does not provide a value, at the same time axial fuses are normal glass fuses with a small cap soldered to each end. This cap has the protuding leads attached. Unfortunately the cap partly obscures the value of the fuse that I have.

    From what I can see I believe that it is a "0.5A" fuse.

    Can anyone confirm this?

    If this is the correct value, the 29mm size is hard to find, however, the length is not important whilst a shorter 10mm is readily available on eBay etc eg
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    Are you looking at the monitor? According to Sam's ComputerFacts for the Model I, the pigtail fuse is 5A, 250V fast acting. There is a second fuse on the board which is 1A 250V fast acting.

    Sam's does not list parts for the power supply brick for the CPU.
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