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Thread: Touching up my Kaypro 2X's chassis paintjob: Options?

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    Default Touching up my Kaypro 2X's chassis paintjob: Options?

    So, I've got a Kaypro 2X that's seen some bumps and scrapes. I got to thinking - If I get the color matched, it might not be -too- hard to get it back to the point of being more or less pristine...At least, there's not any funky spackle coating afoot here or anything like that of my IBM PCs. What are my options? I don't really know enough about non-art related use of paints to make the call myself (though I do know that just straight up rattle canning it probably isn't a great idea).

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    The hard part will be the preparation. If you find the correct rattle can color it would work. If it was mine I'd strip the case and then see if you can get the deep scratches out. You could try "spot putty" on the deeper spots.The cases are an aluminum alloy so you need to be careful. A paint stripper from the aircraft industry might be the best.
    Looking for a basket case might be your best bet.
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