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Thread: Another PET rescued

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    Default Another PET rescued

    I thought I'd post a clean follow-up on the really troublesome PET 2001-32N. Many thanks, especially to Dave_m, daver_2, and Frank (sorry, I don't remember your callsign on here!). While there were some bad components, this board was especially a lesson on the harm that someone using incorrect flux/solder can do and how really difficult to troubleshoot it can make everything!

    At this point, the PET is mostly working. I have some 3446 chips on the way because there's something funky in the IEEE-488 port that appears to be related to one or two of those chips.

    Thanks all! Here she is - Sort of a "Restomod" PET.

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    Looks great! Congratulations on the collaborative PET rescue!

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