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Thread: Need intel iSBC 80/24 schematics and/or user manual

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    Default Need intel iSBC 80/24 schematics and/or user manual

    My next project may be a dead iSBC 80/24 that has been calling to me. I have schematics for the earlier 80/20-4 and the later 80/24A but not the 80/24 itself. Does anyone happen to know if these exist and can point me in the right direction?



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    Thanks. I have the 80/20-4 and the 80/24A documentation. It is the 80/24 schematics that doesn’t seem to be anywhere


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    Is it that it isn't working or just the setup. Usually the A model has only minor changes so one can setup the newer one without any issues. The features should be the same.

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    Dead dead. As in missing components dead.

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    There are a couple of possible parts boards on ebay for $25 ea. Both are missing the multibus interface chip though. If you expect to run it in a system, that will be an issue.

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