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I've found a Samsung SFD-321B and modded it for DS0. I also built a external drive cable based on this discussion: http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?t=26656.
The drive was modded based on this: http://www.atari-wiki.com/index.php/...D_Floppy_Drive

I found this post elsewhere in the forum:

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I have modified a standard PC 3.5" floppy drive to work in my ST. The drive needs to be set as drive 0, or the first drive, instead of the typical drive 1 setting for PC drives. Also, the disk change line needs to be connected to pin 2 of the floppy interface instead of it's usual connection to pin 34. Some drives have jumpers for these changes, but most later day floppy drives don't. They do, however often have jumper pads on the circuit board that can be used to reconfigure the drive

I modified this drive (a TriGem, made by Samsung) by removing a zero ohm resister connecting the DC signal to pin 34, and soldered in a jumper wire to connect the DC circuit to pin 2 of the floppy interface connector. I then removed a solder bridge that jumpered the drive to be drive 1, and bridged the adjacent connection to address the drive as 0...
Since I'm using a custom cable, do I need to make the DC signal modification?