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Thread: WTB: USA: Somewhat less then vintage parts

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    Default WTB: USA: Somewhat less then vintage parts

    I'm looking for parts to build a retro gaming PC. I'm looking for top end parts only.

    Parts I may be interested in are.
    SB32 ct3600 or AWE 64 Gold.
    Video cards such as, s3 virge GX2 apg, voodoo3 agp, 12mb voodoo2 100mhz ram or faster, voodoo1, voodoo4500 agp, AGP Rage pro 8mb or 16mb.
    High end ATX motherboard such as with AGP, ISA and 3 or more PCI slots. Super socket 7, 370 or slot 1.
    GOOD SICS hard drives, 8gb or bigger, looking for 2 to 4 drives.
    High end SICS PCI raid card.

    If anyone has parts like this let me know. I can pay with Zelle cash app or cash on local pickup if close, I'm in ohio BTW.

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