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Thread: Need MB7052 programming service (EU)

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    Default Need MB7052 programming service (EU)

    Hi all,
    as part of an arcade PCB repair (vintage cpu board, so kind on topic!), I need a new MB7052 256x4 TTL PROM. I can't program TTL proms with my current programmers (and I've been trying to find a suitable old Data I/O for years in EU, with no luck). I'm looking for someone that can program this for me, and of course I will refund all expenses. However, the person would be best located in EU or Italy, to save on shipping costs (however, I'll consider getting the part from another continent if nobody else can do this job in my continent).
    I'm quite sure the PROM can be a compatible part and doesn't need to be the Fujitsu one, but arcade designs can be very tricky (and this one is definitely tricky).

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    Default has N82S129 and can do custom programming for you. It doesn't show how much for the programming on the web page.

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    Some EU based services are included at [here].

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    Quote Originally Posted by modem7 View Post
    Some EU based services are included at [here].
    Interesting list, thanks!
    I might have found an Italian guy who has a Data I/O 29B and could do the job.
    I'm looking for a 29B myself since years, but it is very difficult to find in EU (and shipping plus import taxes from abroad makes it a no-deal usually).
    By the way, I have a few Data I/O and HI-LO programmers and more than one hundred EPROMs so I can provide programmed parts too (just not PROMs and PALs at the moment) for the ones in Italy/EU.

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    I have a BK867C programmer, and 74S287's (256x4 TS) that should be equivalent.

    Happy to program, but I'm in the USA so shipping may be costly....

    - Gary

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    Thanks all, I've found a person in Italy that can do the job. I'll post a followup when it's done, just to let other know.


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