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Thread: Destiny 2

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    Default Destiny 2

    Found it in a clearance bin for 15$. Online it says a 3.5ghz i3, some other amd cpu also 3.5ghz. Ok, have neither, but do have a 3.3ghz i5-4590. No dice? I don't have a graphics card of any kind, other then onboard video, and don't have Windows 10 on that computer. Should I abandon all hope from the get go?

    I'm not asking if it could be done without a suitable gpu. Or w/o W10, though that part surprises me. Does the absence of a 3.5ghz cpu break thw deal?

    Ok it turns out I'm all mixed up, and yes I absolutely love answering my own threads. 10 isn't a requirement, and the recommended cpu seems to be a more anemic i5 then mine. And mine turbos to 3.7ghz I think. Now I just need to buy a card. Looks like the game ia a keeper. Yay.
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    According to PC World, Destiny 2 wants a minimum of a Core i3-3250, Pentium G4560 or AMD FX-4350. Your CPU one generation newer so you're fine.

    But it wants at minimum an Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD HD7850 with 2 GB of VRAM, which you don't have. This game will not run well or at all on integrated CPU graphics.

    I don't know what you have for a budget, but I'd recommend a GTX 1660 and call it a day. Anything more and you're going to be CPU bottlenecked.


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