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Thread: New to the forum.

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    Default New to the forum.

    Hi everyone,

    I'm Anthony, 406refining for short. I'm a small scale electronics recycler located in Montana. I recently started growing and getting larger quantities of electronics and have noticed that some of the items I'm getting are quite old. I've been setting aside these older electronics for the past few months and have noticed the pile is getting bigger. I decided to join the forum to learn more about vintage electronics as well as connect with a few buyers for the items I'm getting. So far the best thing I've found was a commodore 1520 color printer. I look forward to learning from everyone here!

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    Welcome! If you get a chance share some photos of your findings.

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    Nice find! Most people don't value printers. But this is what's going to make them valuable.

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    Just remember, rare and valuable mean two different things. Valuable is what people will pay for something. As KC9UDX says, things that may have had less value in the past are becoming more valued as time goes by. Others are just becoming of lesser value still. Name branded things generally have more value than things that were not well known. As example, DEC, HP, Apple, Commodore, Atari and such generally have more value. Some items hold value for other reasons. Things like I4004 processors or Apple I computer have value because they were a turning point in time. When looking at parts of a system, don't rip something apart before you understand the value of the entire unit. There was a local scrapper that sent a Donner analog computer to the metal recycler because it had 12AX7 tubes in it. The value as a complete unit with tubes was more than the total of the individual tubes.
    Some things were early in the computer revolution that the manufacturers no longer exist have value.
    There are many variables.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VERAULT View Post
    Welcome! If you get a chance share some photos of your findings.
    I'll have to get those pictures sent in sometime this week.

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    Howdy. Sounds like you have more fun than most of us.
    Rick Ethridge

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    Haven't gotten a chance to get some pictures of the printers, but someone posted a free ad on facebook for some free electronics. I was expecting a few boxes, but ended up with a full truck of stuff including a few interesting items. I just started sorting through everything last night so there's probably some other cool stuff in the lot. I also got this interesting sega board the other week too!IMG_2692.jpgIMG_2689.jpgIMG_2691.jpgIMG_2688.jpgIMG_2687.jpgIMG_2669.jpgIMG_2692.jpg

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    Could you post a picture of the Sega board? I'm curious what that is. Looks like you have some good stuff so far! Be careful though, it can become an addiction. Ask me how I know lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by RadRacer203 View Post
    Be careful though, it can become an addiction.
    How very true !

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    Welcome. 1520s are interesting devices.
    I use my C128 because I am an ornery, stubborn, retro grouch. -- Bob Masse
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