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Thread: Kaypro 4/83 Clean & Working /w Extras

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    Default Kaypro 4/83 Clean & Working /w Extras

    This has been cleaned inside and out thoroughly. Missing the kickstand, but I just rest the computer portion on the edge of the metal keyboard housing for the same effect. Has some minor cosmetic flaws, but overall in beautiful shape. The screen is bright and clear. B: drive can be a bit fussy, but works. This will include boot disks and other various program disks. Also will include a new old stock sealed box of 10 5" 360K diskettes.

    Asking $50 + shipping. Shipping will be via which is a shipping broker that uses FedEx for delivery. Their shipping prices are very reasonable for large, heavy items like this. Coming from zip code 34231. Just PM me your zip and I can get you a shipping quote.


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    I'll take it if shipping is reasonable! I'll PM my zip.

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    Payment sent - I tried to send you a PM but the PM says it is full.

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    No worries. Sold!

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    It arrived today and I've got to hand it to you, that is the best packing I've ever seen, double boxed superbly. It is warming up from being in the fedex truck now - I'm going to wait for it to be room temperature before I start playing with it.

    You mentioned that the B: drive can sometimes be fussy - any ideas on what needs to be done with it?

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    I used the system as a prop for a photo shoot, but made sure everything was thoroughly cleaned inside and out and that it functioned for the shoot. I did not align or lube the drives so you may want to investigate further on that. I included games on some of the diskettes that rival the latest Call of Duty.

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    Found my original thread when I bought this system here:

    VCF member ldkraemer was of great help to me when working through this system. I am certainly no CP/M expert so his help was greatly appreciated.

    That should give you a decent background of when I had the system.


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