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    Is anyone else here affected by the recent Yahoo Groups turmoil? What are your plans?

    I was part of several groups.

    One has fully made the transition to by paying the premium fee (before it went up 2x) and doing's transfer process.
    Two groups (from one organization) have moved to, but with a reboot - free plan and invites sent to the membership.
    One defunct group we just downloaded the materials and will say goodbye to it.
    One defunct group it looks like we'll just say goodbye, and not preserve anything.


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    Wasn't aware of any turmoil. I haven't even logged into any groups, including the ones I started. One was pretty active, but seems to have gonr mostly inactive. I had appointed a moderator who seems to have done a great job of managing the group. But there isn't much left to worry about it seems.

    A lot of discussion has moved to Disgracebook.

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    I need to take some time and binge through the groups I've joined - mostly just synthesizer groups that had piles of patch banks for download, I never took to discussion much because Yahoo's web design is so godawful and it was an embarassingly long time before I realized that I could just reply via e-mail instead. I do need to make sure I've got contact info for the folks on the DK Synergy group, though, I still need to pick their brains and get mine fixed...
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    Moved to free tier. Got the files uploaded and I have copies of the messages which I'll probably host somewhere else.
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    We created a new forum area here for the RuGrid group was affected. (We still need to do some work to make the original posts and files available.)
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    On my Yahoo Group I am still able to upload files to it even though Yahoo claimed that ability was going to disappear on October 28th. Members are still posting messages to it and I am still able to view and reply to them via the Yahoo Groups web site. So at least for now, it's business as normal, although the real cutoff date is supposed to be sometime in December, when all groups will become private and all messaging will be via e-mail only.


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