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Thread: Hello from Canada ! (.. I hope I can provide PROM programming help to many...)

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    Default Hello from Canada ! (.. I hope I can provide PROM programming help to many...)

    Hello from Canada,

    My name is Stephan, and I live in Canada's capital city (Ottawa) .

    I had my formative teenage years living through the 80's,
    ... and I never really let go.

    From my collection of old Commodore PC's ( Pet, Vic-20, C-64 )
    to my collection of full-size arcade games (...yes, I have a full-size PacMan arcade cabinet in my basement !),
    to my ridiculous knowledge of every single synth band of that decade,
    ..I really am an 80's child...

    My passion has led me to an unusual hobby, of programming old PROMs and Eproms,
    ... for just about any device from that era.

    I started doing this for myself to fix my old arcade games,
    but word got out, and I started getting ALOT of requests...

    So much so, that I started a little chip programming business,
    ... and 15 years later, I have over 50,000 proms and eproms in stock,
    as well as 17 different programmers !

    I can program almost any proms or eprom,
    and even have those uber-rare 24-pin 8kb chips (MC68766)
    found on early Apples and Commodores.

    I was introduced to this site by several people who are currently members,
    and have asked me to program various chips for them.

    So I figured I would join the forum myself, revel in the early days of 8-bit computing,
    and help fellow collectors find old, outdated proms.

    I'll post more specific info in the "market place" forum ,
    but if anyone is curious, you can type in my username as a web url,
    and you should find my site.
    [ NB. It has not changed since I first created it over a decade ago,
    so it's VERY outdated, and not very "app-friendly" ]

    But if you have any questions, e-mail me ( info@.... ) or message me here,
    and I will be happy to help.


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    For the 3 or 4 people who might have read my intro ....
    I've changed my user name from EpromPRO to Steph (..which, yes, is actually my real name ! )

    I wanted to use my real name rather than the little business I operate
    to promote a more "personal" contribution , rather than a business one.

    I intend to provide useful info from the 15+ years of eprom programming I've done.
    (...and yes, I provided chips for just about every major manufacturer of vintage PC's on this site )


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    Welcome Steph!

    I am very happy to say that I highly recommend you and your service for creating EPROMs. I've contacted you a number times over the past several years, and your ability to get my hex code into the EPROM that I need has been outstanding. I have 3 or 4 versions of my 8080 and Z80 system monitors for S-100 computers floating around, and I also have Color Forth for the Radio Shack Color Computer that I use from time to time. Thanks very much for providing this service to computer hobbyists!


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