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Thread: Getting DISKS to boot restored systems

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    Default Getting DISKS to boot restored systems

    Been a hardware and software engineer for 40+ yrs.
    Last couple of years have bought some vintage systems (Altos, Xerox 820, MDS800, SWTPC 6809, Dimension 68000, SSB, IBEX, IMSAI)
    and restored the hardware nicely but having a heck of a time getting diskettes to boot these machines.

    Finally got someone to send me a disk for the MDS800 and got all of that working great,
    but the others are just boat anchors without diskettes.

    Recently built up a PC with a TM1002A drive to run Dunfield's IMD but it abort/retry/ignores on attempt to write the .imd file for flex09.
    There are so many unknowns such as the onboard disk controller.

    Sure I could spend the rest of my natural life toggling in reengineered bootloaders and rewriting BIOSes for each machine but that seems ridiculous.

    I'm stumped.
    What do you do to get disks for these old machines??
    Other users are reluctant to go to the effort of sending disks.

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    I have images for the D68000 somewhere. Those should be straitforward. Can't speak to the others as they don't interest me. In fact problematic hardware in general doesn't interest me for that very reason - the problem of getting and keeping it running.

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    Actually I've had good luck cleaning up and getting the hardware working on most of these machines, but I get stuck on getting a boot disk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tipc View Post
    I have images for the D68000 somewhere.
    I'd be interested in knowing if they are different from what I have at

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    Ooooo-k. Another parcel of goods I have to dig out.

    Most of what I have was made from original disks. I should still have them in fact. If you need them for whatever reason I'll send them to you.

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    I can't believe it, after this last-resort public posting of desperation to get my machine going, someone else is going to get diskettes sent to them! haha

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    To Larry, idkraemer:

    I tried to respond to your private message but it will not let me respond saying that your storage has been exceeded.
    Here is the answer to you first message:

    Flex 09 is a OS that runs on a 6809 CPU, often from SWTPC, GIMIX, SSB, etc.
    These are typically SS50 bus machines.
    Not CPM or S100 bus machines.

    Here is Dave Dunfield's list of systems disks:


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    Larry, In response to your second message:

    The IBEX is a dual-8" floppy CPM system with Z80 processor made in the early 80s. I have the CPU but let the drives go decades ago.

    The MDS800 is a big blue multibus development system made by Intel for 8080/8085 CPUs in the late 70s.
    8" drives are m2mfm format and very hard to write on other systems. The OS is intel's own ISIS-II.
    This is the system that CPM was written on and a stock CPM disk with stock BIOS will boot unmodified on an MDS800.

    I have attempted to attach pictures of the IBEX and MDS800ibex_fpx12.jpgMDS888_1000.jpg

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