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Thread: WiFi Modem for VT-100/102?

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    A CRT terminal will provide +/- 12V to the outgoing signals from its internal power supply. Input voltage for other pins may not need to be the full voltage swing - all depends upon the terminal. However, if all you want is a WIFI connection to your router then take a look at the Wimodem 232 that's a complete RS-232 to WIFI board and all you need is the ability to use Hayes modem commands to use it. There's several other RS-232 to WiFi boards out there that are all pretty much the same device as far as use. If you wish to direct connect then a DB25 RS-232 to USB adapter and the necessary cables is all you need.

    Wimodem link:
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    I got your PM. I was finishing off Borderlands 3 this weekend, but I'll take a look in my keycap bag and see what I got. A couple people asked me for some keycaps. I am pretty sure I have what everyone's asking for, but I need to do some digging to see for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hutch View Post
    I recently acquired a VT-102 in good working condition. I was thinking about connecting it to a Pi running a PDP emulator but I think some level shifting is required to get RS-232 working on the Pi.
    Then I wondered if there was a decent WiFi modem I could just plug into the VT-102 serial port and then I could just telnet to my Pi or maybe other systems out on the internet.
    A quick google search reveals a number of WiFi modem options but also leaves me with some questions.

    A VT102 manual I found says that the serial port is RS-232-C, is that so? or is it possible it's a variable that depends on the model or options?
    RS-232-C is 5V? So level shifting may not be necessary with a USB to serial converter on the Pi?

    Any recommendations for a specific WiFi (or Ethernet) serial to Telnet device? Are there any that can do SSH?

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    I've use Lantronix UDS1100 serial to Telnet devices one real PDP-11 RS232 console ports to access them via telnet from other locations in the house. Configuration of the serial port and telnet TCP/IP parameters can be done via http once the device has DHCPed an IP address. You might be able to use it in reverse to do what you want. The UDS1100s can be found used on eBay for $20 to 30 if you watch for them. If you buy one without a power supply they take a wide range of input voltage so you likely have a wall wart that would work.


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