Greetings -

I decided to start a new thread about my two PGS (Princeton Graphics Systems) monitors.

If you haven't seen my other (5150 saved from junkyard) thread, that computer came with a PGS SR-12 monitor.

The PGS SR-12 only seems to properly work when using a video pass through card labeled "Scan Doubler II". See image:


I've tested plugging this monitor directly into both the Quadram Quadcolor I CGA card and Genoa Systems Corporation 4850-5 EGA card. With either card, the results are the same as the two following images (clear image with the pass through card, unclear and off-center image without the pass through card):

IMG_1090.jpg IMG_1089.jpg

Moving on to my PGS HX-12, this monitor seems to work just fine plugged directly into either the Quadram Quadcolor I CGA card or the Genoa Systems Corporation 4850-5 EGA card.

For your reference here are the front / back of both monitors:

IMG_1095.jpg IMG_1097.jpg IMG_1091.jpg IMG_1096.jpg

My SR-12 is dated manufactured in August 1984 and my HX-12 is dated manufactured in October 1985.

Finally, I found an advertisement from PC Mag Mar 20, 1984 - listing both of the monitors.

pgs princeton monitor.jpg
The ad reads: "The HX-12 is one of the finest RGBs available for the IBM PC. Features 16 colors, .31mm dot pitch (NEC's tube), 690 dots by 240 lines interlaced & 15MHz bandwith. Comes with its own cable. PGS has two new monitors: the SR-12, similar to the HX-12 but with 32 colors & true 480 non-interlaced resolution (without flicker), & the Max-12 is an amber monitor with TTL input (IBM monochrome adapter input), 18MHz bandwith and 720 x 350 lines."

So it would seem the SR-12 is the better monitor - but it's such a pain only working with the pass through card... I personally don't want one monitor using up two precious ISA slots on my 5150. It would be nice if I could get the SR-12 to work with my EGA card standalone but I've tried all the switch setting and it doesn't want to work. I'm not sure any solution will come of this thread but I thought since I had the two monitors out and testing side-by-side, it would make for an interesting conversation.

Both monitors were saved separately from the craigslist "free" section.