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Thread: what are you willing to pay for a non working computer?

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    Same here. The particular machine dictates the price.

    I bought an Apricot Portable from VintageComputerMuseum for north of $300 when the $25 goodwill marking was still on it. He said it turned on but no image was displayed.
    Took a gamble that the LCD ribbon to the logic board needed to be replaced and the bet paid off.
    = Excellent space heater

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    The nice thing about old computers is that they are technically pretty simple to diagnose. Large pads, simple chips, not too much logic going on in there. Single layer traces, easy to follow. At least in the Altair which I am currently restoring.

    I noticed that if a listing contains the phrase "working" the price will skyrocket. The people with deep pockets don't have time to fix anything and so they are willing to pay top dollar for something that doesn't require any investment of time. The issue is with poor restorations like some of the Altairs that have been put up for sale on eBay recently.

    Fixing something oneself adds sentimental value to whatever it is you are purchasing. I think of it as an old piece of technology with a history behind it and by fixing or restoring it you are contributing to that history. A good feeling at the end of the day.


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