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Thread: SGI o2 with R10000

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    Default SGI o2 with R10000

    This had started as a result of someone saying that they were looking for an O2, but that person has since gone silent and hasn't responded to my PMs... so....


    I've pulled the O2 out of my office closet; there was a stack of stuff waiting to get sold on eBay in front of it! This is a pretty rare SGI o2 with an R10000 processor in it. This is great, in that it's rare, and will happily run Irix, which I have installed on it... however it will be a fight to get any BSD or Linux to work on this because the R10000 O2 is so rare that there is almost no other support for it. Sorry that the photos of the running system have a green tinge to them; I don't think this newfangled Samsung TV knows quite what to make of the signal. Also, ignore the "stripes" on the left hand side; That's the TV monitor; that's why it's on my desk as a test screen rather than on our living room wall. Also, I'm pretty sure that someone did some internal surgery to the case at one point to fit the heat sink. I have no specific memory other than noting that things were "rearranged" a bit when I opened it up a few years ago.

    There is no CD in the bay; I had it hooked up to an external SCSI drive that I have when I was using it. I've tried to take photos of the relevant stuff. No keyboard or mouse is included, but it takes a standard PS2 mouse/keyboard combo, and you can still find the slate grey SGI keyboards/mice on the Internet.

    There is an extra blue chassis cover that is in pretty good shape except for scuffs on the side, but the chassis cover that is on it is actually in better shape. The extra cover has a hairline split below the CD opening, but you can't see it unless you apply pressure to the plastic (pictured).

    Also included are two power supply covers for the chassis (there isn't one on it at the moment) and a CD tray escutcheon cover. This cover, like pretty much all of them, has the arms broken off. It can still be used, but you'll have to super-glue it in place. I never bothered since I didn't purchase a CD drive to put in the chassis. I also have two of the blue drive tray covers that I failed to take pictures of.

    It also comes with a spare vintage SCSI drive in a caddy. No idea what's on it. It could very well be another Irix system, I just don't remember. I don't recall a reason why I didn't have it installed in the chassis, because the chassis can take two drives.

    If you are still interested, make me a reasonable offer. You and I both know how fragile these things are; the plastic is notorious. If you are seriously interested, depending how far away you are, I might be convinced to do a road trip. I'm located off of the far end of Long Island in New York... Yes, I have to take a ferry.

    I've put the images in a shared folder rather than trying to attach them here one by one:

    If you're interested, please send me an offer. I'm really not interested in an auction or I'd put it on eBay. Folks like Dan can vouch for me just wanting something fair, not eBay craziness. In other words, I expect an offer in the hundreds, not in the thousands.

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    Huh... I thought these things were popular!

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    Just bumping this up one more time. If I don't have any interest here, this is heading to eBay. Again, fully functional great condition R10000 SGI O2 with two SCSI drives mounted on caddies and IRIX 6.5 already installed. See above for a link to images.

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    how much do you ask for the O2 ?

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    Do you have an SGI keyboard and/or mouse that you might part with seperately?

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    Quote Originally Posted by soviet9922 View Post
    how much do you ask for the O2 ?
    I'm taking reasonable offers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Towmater View Post
    Do you have an SGI keyboard and/or mouse that you might part with seperately?
    Sorry, no.

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