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Thread: Importing old messages

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    Default Importing old messages

    Shawn provided me with a Zip file of the Yahoo! group that somebody scraped.

    The messages are in "email" format, so they look like full emails with all of the headers. vBulletin has an API for creating threads. Writing some code to import each message and add it to a new thread (or an existing thread if the subject start with "Re:") should be be too terrible.

    For now I think I want to write a simple script to just get the date, subject, sender and the body text onto a static web page. That's now more than a few hours of work and it would be searchable, but it would not be threaded. Getting things threaded and/or importing into vBulletin is a longer term project.


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    What email file formats are these in?

    .DBX, .PST, or .EML?


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    .EML - nice, human readable text. The filenames are just sequence numbers.


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