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Thread: Got CF cards to work on Tidalwave palmtop

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    Default Got CF cards to work on Tidalwave palmtop

    So it turns out CompactFlash adapters (and probably other ATA-type cards) do work in type 1 PCMCIA slots. It's in the specs, but I'm probably not the only one who wasn't aware of this before seeing hjalfi's thread

    I decided to try it on another machine, namely this very common model of DOS palmtop. And luckily, each card has its own 16K address window which stays permanently enabled (C800 for slot A, CC00 for B).

    I haven't yet disassembled the ROM to find out about I/O registers, but it's not necessary for the basic functionality. That means no change detection of course, so this driver behaves like a hard disk - you need to reboot to use a different card or after writing to it from another machine. On the plus side, it is small and might work on other platforms as well.

    Load it from E:\CONFIG.SYS, with the address immediately after the filename
    e.g. "DEVICE=A:\MM_ATA.SYS CC00" if you already have an SRAM card in A: with the driver on it
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