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Thread: FS: Vintage computer books

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    As with so many old languages, there's a version out there:

    I'm interested in the Ada book, are you willing to ship media mail within the US?

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    I'm sorry that won't do. I want a modern SPITBOL implementation

    I was sure if I punched Simula 67 into SourceForge something would come up but no.

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    Just an update. I also posted the books locally and most of them have been claimed.

    What is left is:
    VMEmodules VMEBus Specification Manual, Rev. B, Aug. 1982, stapled binding
    HP PA-RISC Procedure Calling Conventions Reference Manual, 09740-90015, Edition 2, Jan 1991, soft cover
    HP PA-RISC 1.1 Architecture and Instruction Set Reference Manual, 09740-90039, Sep. 1990, soft cover
    Technical Aspects of Data Communications, Second Edition, by John E. McNamara, 1983, hard cover
    Handbook of Computer-Communications Standards, Three Volumes, by William Stallings, 1988, hard cover
    - Volume 1: The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Model and OSI-Related Standards
    - Volume 2: Local Network Standards
    - Volume 3: Department of Defense (DOD) Protocol Standards


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