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Thread: Keyboard gibberish

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    Default Keyboard gibberish

    Hi, I acquired a Toshiba Satellite pro 410cdt and when in dos or in Windows , when I press on any key that doesn't make a characters it prints out gibberish.
    Does someone know from where the problem from ?

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    Have you tried another keyboard?

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    I don't have much to add other than my experience with Toshiba laptops of that generation has been overwhelmingly negative. They all seem to be broken in some manner and the way they are designed makes teardown an absolute nightmare.

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    If it's only some keys (sorry, but your description isn't clear on the subject) then there may be shorts/breaks inside the keyboard. Try blasting crud out with compressed air, cleaning it and checking the action of each key. You can hook up an external PS/2 style keyboard (and mouse with a Y-adapter) to check if that works OK, and to verify the mainboard's functionality.

    I had a secondhand Sat Pro 410CDT, it was stolen, but replaced by a new 430CDT on my household insurance. I still have a Sat Pro 480CDT as my DMZ machine. They're really nice systems, IMO, if they're working. Their Trackpoint mouse, as with the IBM Thinkpads, is my laptop mouse of choice.

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