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Thread: External TTL Monitor with an Osborne Computer

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    Question External TTL Monitor with an Osborne Computer

    Hey, was wondering if anyone has experimented and connected a 3rd party TTL monitor to their Osborne computer ? I have an Osborne that has issues with the CRT (working on fixing it) but wanted to see if I can get my 14" monochrome TTL CRT display working with it. The monitor is made by a company called Miracle model YT-1412P. The monitor is new. The only site I can find that has the specs for this monitor is here:

    It has a 18 KHZ horizontal sync rate and 50 Hz vertical sync rate with a resolution of 720 x 348. I have installed the shunt and connected this monitor up to the internal Osborne monitor jack (where the 5" CRT connects to) but was unable to get it to display anything. My pinouts are as follows:

    DB9 Monitor Pin 1 to Osborne Monitor Connector Pin 1
    DB9 Monitor Pin 6 to Osborne Monitor Connector Pin 4
    DB9 Monitor Pin 7 to Osborne Edge Connector Pin 16 (Monitor Connector Pin 7 has video +12 volts)
    DB9 Monitor Pin 8 to Osborne Monitor Connector Pin 6
    DB9 Monitor Pin 9 to Osborne Monitor Connector Pin 9

    I wasn't sure if this is even possible as the Osborne's built-in monitor is a 52 character x 24 line display
    If this is possible, am I doing something wrong ?

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated !!

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    The 18kHz line frequency is MDA or EGA, you probably want the standard 15.625kHz monitor. Easily available from security monitors, almost any piece of test equipment with a CRT etc etc.

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    Ah, makes sense. Thanks for the reply !


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