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Thread: Dell XPS 500 issue

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    Default Dell XPS 500 issue

    Hello I have a Dell XPS T500. It's a Windows 98 Pentium 3 computer. Normally it starts up just fine but every now and then the screen stays black and the 3 lock lights (Caps, Num, Scroll) blink repeatedly. Everything sounds fine. CD lights up and runs. Hard drive runs. No beeps from motherboard. I've looked but cant find why this happens. Any suggestions would be immensely helpful.

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    Just a wild guess, but it sounds as though it's in a repetetive reboot loop. Clean out the insides? There may be something causing an intermittent short which causes this.

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    That's not the issue. It's not a reboot loop. Something is keeping it from going into BIOS. It's stuck in the black before BIOS can load. I've thoroughly taken apart and cleaned the entire thing. Also that would not explain why it only happens every now and then. It's NOT always. It does completely boot most of the time just fine.


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