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Thread: How I got started as a collector...

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    Default How I got started as a collector...

    The Retro Computing Roundtable podcast inspired me to write my "origin story" of sorts.

    How did you get your start?

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    By having a TRS-80 and being jealous of the Apple IIs (and later, IIgses) at school and of my friends who had C=64s or TI 99/4As, then later having a turbo XT clone and being jealous of the Macintoshes at school and of my friends who had Amigas, and outright covetous of the brand-new NeXT computers I was seeing on the evening news.

    At some point, through a combination of depreciation and of increasing disposable income, it became possible to have these things. Not just these things but other things I was reading of on Usenet (or eventually working with professionally) and curious about --- Suns, SGIs, Apollos, HPs...

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    By saying repeatedly, "oh, that looks like it would be neat to play with ..."
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    I got it from my mom's side of the family. The only thing my dad collected was books. There were no computers for my mom but she collected everything else.

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