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Thread: TANDY compatible sound card questions :)

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    Default TANDY compatible sound card questions :)

    Hi got a PCB from a Russian seller including all the ICs for a Tandy compatible sound card.
    When i purchased it i was assuming it was the same PCB as the as the ones used to by sold by lo-tech.
    But when i was assembling it noticed it was not identically searched for this design on the web but found nothing, here is a picture of it already build:

    What i see is that i have the fixes already done in the PCB what is great i done the cable bodge from ic to ic jumper wire but now i think this also could have been fix in the design and is not needed.

    Anyway it work great !, tried thexder, bellow the root and other patched games and works very good great sound.

    I like to ask, theres any music player for this sound card ?, some kind of music player ? or something like this i could love to hear music and test stuff.

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    If you put this board into an 8-bit computer (ie. not a 286 or later) and set it to port 0C0h, games that you can configure for Tandy or PCjr sound will work. If you have a 286 or later, you'll need to configure it for 1e0h and run some patches or, if 386+, a TSR to redirect the audio. There are other threads on this forum that go into that in detail.
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