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Thread: Intel XBASE8TE8 server - any info?

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    Default Intel XBASE8TE8 server - any info?

    Hi all,

    I picked up one of these servers from an acquaintance who I usually get Apple stuff from. I've been trying to see if anyone out there owns another one of these servers - the HD on mine died and the back panel is locked with a lock I don't have the heart to drill out quite yet.

    I can find mentions of a XBASE8TE8-C model online but not my specific model. I do know that mine has a 486DX2. Thanks for any info!


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    This is an Intel Xpress chassis! It's Intel's professional/OEM line for embedding that era system in e.g. industrial control applications. The motherboard is really more of a backplane, there are EISA slots, a CPU board slot, and a RAM expansion slot. The model you have could do 486 or Pentium. Supposedly there was a Pentum PRO board in development but I've never seen one in person, just mentioned in literature. The RAM expansion is optional, there are slots on the motherboard. Some of the 486 CPU boards have a funky looking socket which is for a fast cache system. You can get quite a bit of RAM into these.

    I still support these machines as part of my day-job. One of the apparently common options was running UNIX on these. SCO and Interactive are mostly what I've dealt with on Xpress platform.

    I forget if they are uniquely keyed or not. I have keys for the rackmount testbed Xpress system in my shop, but all of the customer-owned machines I've worked on were just unlocked so I've never had the need to try. I do have some of the smaller 6-slot pizzabox style Xpress systems, also unlocked, that I could probably try the key on.


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