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Thread: Epson HX-20 ribbon cable repair?

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    Default Epson HX-20 ribbon cable repair?


    Just got one of those HX-20s from a well known auction site, "untested". I've opened it up and I can see why, now. The NiCD battery has leaked and the display and casette ribon cables are eaten away. Question is, how viable is it to repair? Ideally I'd be looking for spares, but I could just wire them point to point using ordinary ribbon cable. They are flexi cables.

    Any ideas?


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    Post photos of the cables and I'll see if I have something that might work from other brands for which that I own the last of the OEM's service stock.
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    The ribbons are basically dead, but I managed a point to point rewire job on the LCD module. It's also dead, nearly. I can see it displaying a menu with corrupted lines and I suspect one or more of the LCD driver chips are gone. So I'm looking for a working display module.

    HX20 LCD Module front.jpg

    HX20 LCD Module rear.jpg

    As can be seen from the pictures, the LCD module has a part number of Y20151200000.

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    Sometimes Digikey has a ribbon cable that will work if the pitch and length are correct. Also be aware that sometimes the open end on each side is on the same side and sometimes it is opposite sides.


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