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Thread: Plus Hardcard 20 error

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    Quote Originally Posted by jafir View Post
    I’ve got one that I removed from a computer I bought (that is currently dead) and I was wanting to see if it had any interesting software on it. I stuck it in a 5160 and I got the same error. I gave it a technical tap (percussive maintenance?), thinking maybe something was seized, and it worked. It started working again. I decided to run spinrite on the drive to give it some exercise and move all of the components through their normal ranges, and it seems to be happy to work again. I have no idea how many years it sat on a shelf in the dead computer. I’m guessing 20 or so, since it was an OG compaq deskpro.
    I was given a Compaq Portable many years ago which had a Hard Card in it that didn't work no matter what I did to it. I took the cover off the drive to discover the head was fused to the platter, not just a bit stuck. I had to pry VERY hard up on the armature to free the head, which ripped a sizable chunk of the platter out with it. The platter started spinning again but the drive was obviously trash after that, didn't think to save the hard card because I didn't think I'd ever find a replacement drive for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RC14 View Post
    I've done some research, but haven't found anything about it sometimes working and sometimes not - but oh well, I guess I'll just test it more and try to narrow it down. I hope it's just intermittent stiction and that it'll clear up!
    It's absolutely stiction. Every hardcard20 I've owned has suffered from this, and I'm not alone:
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