Greetings all,

Was looking for a little help with a keyboard issue I am currently having. I recently picked up an IBM P70 luggable computer that had a bunch of issues. I slowly get everything working with the exception of the keyboard. When the computer powers on, the 3 LEDs on the keyboard blink for a second. The computer boots but right after the RAM check, they system checks the keyboard and after doing so, I get a beep every half second as if someone is holding down a key on the keyboard. It stops when I disconnect the keyboard. No keys work as all. Num Lock LED comes on (probably normal) and that's it. Can't turn it off by pressing the number lock key.

I was able to disassemble the keyboard without damaging it. There was a lot of oxidation on the bottom of the keyboard PCB which I cleaned off. It now looks like new but unfortunately, same issue. I tested all keys with a multimeter and no keys were reading closed circuit and all worked when I pressed them.

At this point I am assuming it's either the microcontroller which is an Intel P8052AH or the SN7417N hex buffer IC. Both located on the keyboard PCB.

So, I was wondering if anyone has fixed a keyboard that uses a microcontroller and if they think replacing it will fix my issue ? Or maybe there is something else I should be looking at ?

Thanks !!!