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Thread: Amstrad ALT-386SX BIOS dump

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    Question Amstrad ALT-386SX BIOS dump


    I'm repairing an Amstrad ALT-386SX. It doesn't execute POST.
    Boards looks good, no corrosion or damaged tracks. Reset and clock signals are ok (probed with a scope).

    I suspect one of the two EPROM (or both) is faulty .
    Does anyone have a dump (or can make these dumps) of these EPROM? So I can compare with mine.

    Many thanks.

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    From searching that model I guess it might be a Phoenix BIOS which I presume has a checksum feature. Personally without a known good BIOS to compare against I would calculate the checksum, then compare against the checksum value stored in the dump. I've also had some success in verifying BIOS dumps by running them in PCem. If it you can't make it run in PCem it doesn't mean it's bad however if it DOES run then it will at least give you the confirmation it's probably good.

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