I'm a portable computer collector. I happen to be interested in the NEC MobilePro line and have one of the early CE ones, the 400. I also speak some japanese and want one of the native japanese "MobileGear" models. So I looked at the models, and the highest end in it's lineup is the MC/R450. There's also the MC/R550 but the 450 allegedly has a game installed on it that made me curious.
Anyway I'm looking for either model, but both are pretty rare and only available in Japan. I found one on yahoo japan and had it shipped over with a shipping proxy, but unfortunately it didn't work. I looked inside, and it turned out someone attacked the motherboard with a sharp object and smashed half the SMD components off.

The outside of the case was actually in pretty good condition, though the inside was all yellowed. Not sure what kind of life it's lived. Anyway, I'm still searching for an NEC MC/R450 or MC/R550. A MC/R430 would almost work, I think it's got the same screen and CPU, but I need the 450 or 550 ROM, as it has the CE 3.0 operating system on it.