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Thread: IBM I-Series (AS/400) questions

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    I have some AS/400 software and documentation. As well as 5250 cards for ISA. I'm not completely sure what I have - it was going to be thrown out, so I just picked it up...

    I have installed/maintained 5250 terminals in the past - I never really worked on the actual system itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbbrutman View Post

    ...I don't know how the OS is licensed, but it definitely is licensed and it does license key checks to enforce it...

    My personal choice for an AS/400 would be an older 150 model (compact deskside)...
    Just to add... The 9401 model 150 will work just fine under OS/400 v3r7 to v4r5 without the need for licences keys for the OS or compilers. I ran my 150 with v3r7 and later upgraded it myself to v4r5 and didn't need any licence keys. I believe it required licence keys if used with v5r1 or above.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clh333 View Post
    Thank you, one and all, for your responses. Occasionally I will page through eBay offerings of AS400 machines to see what's available but my lack of knowledge is usually matched by that of the "resellers". I imagine they too consult eBay to see what they can get for a machine they found in a warehouse somewhere. I'm going to need to find another source; if anyone knows of an orphan please pull my coat.

    I have no need for an AS400 except to satisfy my curiosity, and for the fact that I can't afford to dedicate the space or resources to a mainframe. My wife already thinks I'm nuts and after driving 1400 miles to New Hampshire and back to retrieve an E-size plotter, I may have to agree with her. My refuge lies in the phrase "Life is for learning" and the fact that I'm still alive (in spite of my ignorance).

    Thanks again, I'll report back when I know more.

    Your statement about a "home suitable" mainframe is slightly in error. An IBM Multiprise 3000 (7060-Hnn, nn=30, 50, 70) wouldn't necessarily eat up so much space, in base frame form, and can utilise domestic power. The U.S.-based recyclers have been a cheap/no cost source for U.S. people I know.

    Stick a 17" monitor plus keyboard and mouse on top and you have yourself a baby S/390. Try to ensure you get all cables, adapters, DDS tapes etc. or you might be stuck with the biggest doorstop ever.


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