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Thread: FOR SALE: PowerBook 5300CE "Carcinogenic" Edition

  1. Default FOR SALE: PowerBook 5300CE "Carcinogenic" Edition

    I have a PowerBook 5300CE for sale. This unit was acquired from a retired Chicago PD officer in a lot of 9 other laptops (all of which worked btw). This unit suffers from the infamous 5300 series failed battery, and it has heavily corrodded the connector for the battery to the point it has disintegrated the pins on the laptop side and will need to be repaired. The battery is not included as it is in my opinion unsafe to transport (it had cracked open). The unit externally is a 8.5 grade, the only issues being a small quantity of minor scuffs. This unit is equppied with the less common 800x600 Active Matrix LCD. I am unable to test it due to a lack of included power cord, but the corrosion does not appear to extend beyond the battery compartment so I suspect you will find it to be in otherwise working order but this is not guaranteed. All other equipment such as HDD, HDD Caddy, and Floppy Drive is present.

    I'm asking $10 + cost of shipping OR trades in similar vintage Windows laptops (or big box games, hit me up with any offer I'm mostly playing Business Sims right now though)

    I'm am not a Macintosh person and all though I'm reasonably sure I could have this thing up and running for under $20, its unusual feature set lacking any sort of means to support modern data transfer (having no CD Drive, USB, or standard Scuzzy connector) and all known means requiring another Mac of similar vintage (which I don't have) to transfer data, it's simply not practical at this time.


    (decent trades will likely take priority over cash offers btw)
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    Any updates on the pictures?

    Has this PowerBook gone through Apple's rebuild program to fix the problems with fragile/broken hinges?
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    Has this model gone through Apple's program where they fixed the issues with the hinges becoming fragile?

    You can tell if there is an "aa" stamp in the battery compartment

    Where are you located? It's not listed in your profile, so for some shipping might be a nightmare.

    How would it be shipped?
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