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Thread: NeXT MegaPixel 21-Inch Color Display

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    Default NeXT MegaPixel 21-Inch Color Display

    Before inquiring about the cost of shipping, please be aware that since this is a CRT based unit, you will be responsible for all shipping, regulatory expenses or other costs that would occur in shipment. These are SUPER heavy!

    With that being said, I have two of these displays and only plan to keep one. If you are really interested, please PM me, I'll send you a photo of the monitor, the serial numbers, etc. Please include where I must ship it to so I can get an estimate on the price of shipping costs. These are going for around $300-$500, and I would like to say they are sort of uncommon, but don't quote me please.

    Name a price, well go from there. If you live in PA and can pick up, you get the first shot.

    Cap'n Retro.

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    This is sold now.


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