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Thread: UPS Brokerage

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    Default UPS Brokerage

    So I bought that Microkit thing, and the seller preferred using UPS. I'm not a fan of UPS for international shipments because they like charging a 'brokerage fee', which is basically just a means of doubling up on the actual shipping fee. FedEx does not do this - they charge $10, or nothing at all if you sign up with them.

    Anyway, the Microkit comes up to about $650CDN... UPS is wanting $170CDN for brokerage and duty. The taxes would be $78 on that, so that means UPS is charging close to $100 to basically check a box on a form.

    I'm told it's possible to do self-brokerage or something similar.. anyone done that? I'm not putting up with this.. I'm tempted to just reject the shipment and ship it back through to MyUS, which does use FedEx.

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    Holy cow! Can't you have someone just load up a canoe in Bellingham and sneak it up the coast?

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    I've had UPS play this game on me before too, I won't use them for anything in or out of the country.

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    Count me in as another one who won't use the brown trucks and planes cross-border. I paid their exorbitant ransom fee once due to urgent need but after that I refuse to buy from US sellers that only ship via UPS. For occasional expedited packages going to the US, I've had good luck recently with DHL which has been cheaper than FedEx.

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    I've used USPS to send packages everywhere without any hassle. Just fill out the Customs form and you're done.
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    Yeah I've now ended up asking sellers to ship something other than UPS or FedEx (even GSP if I wanna roll the dice!) because the brokerage fees are insane to cross the 49th. In a few cases it was justifiably cheaper for me to drive six hours to Seattle to pick something up at a friends house as opposed to shipping about 500km.
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