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Thread: CD-ROM caddies

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    Default CD-ROM caddies

    I used to have an entire milk crate full of these stupid CD drive caddies, but threw them out because I didn't think I would ever find a drive to use them with again. Guess what? A week later I found two Chinon CDS-435 drives at a thrift store.

    I know they're available on eBay, but the shipping is very expensive.

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    Same here--years ago, I had a couple of Plextor SCSI drives and a pile of caddies--thrown out, of course, when I got rid of the Plextor drives.

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    I only had one... and I still have it.
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    My dad's original caddy load drive came with one and only one. The caddy load drive I just bought from Agent Orange also came with exactly one. I didn't realise people had spares... now I want more too lol

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    I’ve got a few of them. I had a huge bag of them, but I think I gave most of them away when I gave away my DEC 3000 because the external drive uses them.


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