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Thread: 386 PC with Texelec Radlib Card - Willing To Ship

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    Default 386 PC with Texelec Radlib Card - Willing To Ship

    Texelec's Radlib card is an accurate clone of the original Adlib Sound card.
    I paid $99.99 for it last year, and it's still in perfect condition.
    The PC was another eBay purchase from a few months ago, I paid $150 for it.

    I'm selling the PC with the Radlib for $80.
    That's $60 for the PC + the Radlib card. And $20 for shipping and handling.
    I can ship the next day.
    I prefer payment over Paypal, thanks.

    PC Specs:
    CPU - 386sx 25/12mhz switchable via turbo
    RAM - 3 megabytes
    HDD - Maxtor 7120AT 124 megabytes
    VIDEO - Trident TVGA8900C VGA card

    leaky battery, no damage to the board, but a bit of corrosion on a jumper pin (see images).
    you'll need to supply your own 5 pin DIN keyboard, or adapter


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    may I suggest you remove the battery ASAP with a pair of dykes to stop the bleeding?

    it will improve the QoL of whoever ends up buying this system

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    I removed the battery.
    The trace that connects the positive battery terminal to a jumper had been corroded a bit.
    I checked it with a multimeter and the trace wasn't broken.
    So, I cleaned it with isoprop and an abbrasive pad to remove the corrosion.
    It's been eaten away a bit, but it should be fine. It won't get any worse now that the corrosive residue is gone.

    To add a bit more info, the PC posts, both floppy drives seek, and the hard drive spins up.
    Here's a video of the computer posting (recorded after battery removal)

    I don't own a 5 pin din keyboard, so I haven't tested beyond that point, but if it gets that far, there's almost certainly nothing wrong with the board itself.
    The floppy heads may need cleaning, and you'll have to replace the battery if you want the BIOS settings to survive power loss.

    I can only ship to the continental U.S. for $20, you'll have to pay more if i'm shipping overseas.
    The computer weighs about 10lbs.
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    The item is sold.
    This thread can be deleted, or closed.
    I don't think I can do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by codyw1996 View Post
    The item is sold.
    This thread can be deleted, or closed.
    I don't think I can do it.
    cg on sale, and good on you for getting that battery off there!

    looks like it cleaned up real nice

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