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Thread: BP Microsystems EP-1 programmer device list + software

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    Default BP Microsystems EP-1 programmer device list + software

    I don't see this anywhere else on the interwebs, so hopefully this helps. I have an EP-1 programmer that I got from a friend, and the device lists aren't anywhere on the net. Here you go Also, the manual is here:


    8753H *1B,C 8751H *1B,C Am27128 Am27128A
    Am2716 Am27256 Am2732 Am2732A
    Am2732B Am27512 Am2764 Am2764A
    Am27C128D Am27C128P Am27C256 Am27C512
    Am27C64D Am27C64P Am2817A Am2864A
    Am2864AE Am2864B Am2864BE Am28C256
    Am9716 Am9761H *1B,C Am9864

    AT27C256 AT27C512 AT27C513 AT27C515
    AT27HC256 AT27HC256L AT27HC64 AT27HC641
    AT27HC641L AT27HC64L AT28C04 AT28C16
    AT28C17 AT28C256 AT28C256E AT28C64
    AT28HC16 AT28HC16L AT28HC191 AT28HC191L
    AT28HC256 AT28HC256E AT28HC256L AT28HC256LE
    AT28HC64 AT28HC64E AT28HC64L AT28HC64LE
    AT28PC64 AT28PC64E

    8014 8020 8023

    CAT27128A CAT27256 CAT27512 CAT2764A
    CAT27HC256 CAT28C16A CAT28C16AI CAT28C17A
    CAT28C17AI CAT28C256 CAT28C64A

    Dallas Semiconductor
    DS1220AB DS1220AD DS1220Y DS1230AB
    DS1230Y DS1235AB DS1235Y

    Electronic Arrays

    XL2804A XL2816A XL2817A XL2864A
    XL2865A XL46C15 XL46C16

    MBL8742H *1A MBL8749H *1A MBL8749N *1A MBM27128
    MBM27128-X MBM2716 MBM2716H MBM27256
    MBM27256-W MBM27256-X MBM2732 MBM2732A
    MBM2764 MBM27C128 MBM27C256 MBM27C256A
    MBM27C256A-W MBM27C256H MBM27C512 MBM27C64
    MBM27C64-W MBM27C64-X MBM28C64 MBM28C65
    MBM83256 MBM83512

    27011 (12.5V) 27128 (21V) 27128A (12.5V) 2716 (25V)
    27256 (12.5V) 2732 (25V) 2732A (21V) 2732B (12.5V)
    27512 (12.5V) 2764 (21V) 2764A (12.5V) 27C128 (21V)
    27C16 (25V) 27C256 (12.5V) 27C32 (25V) 27C64 (21V)

    General Instrument
    27256 27C128 27C256 27C512
    27C513 27C64 27HC64 28C04
    28C16 28C17 28C64 28CP256

    GR27128 GR27256 GR27512 GR27513
    GR2764 GR281 GR881 GR3281

    HN27128A HN27128AG HN27128AP HN27256
    HN27256G HN27256P HN27512 HN27512G
    HN27512P HN27C256 HN27C256FP HN27C256G
    HN27C256HG HN27C64 HN462532 HN462716
    HN462732 HN4827128 HN482732A HN482764
    HN58064 HN58C65

    HY2764 HY27C64

    IDT78C16A IDT78C256A IDT78C64A IDT78M64

    27011 27128 27128A 2716
    27256 27256L 2732 2732A
    27512 27513 2758 2764
    2764A 27C128 27C256 27C64
    2816A 2817A 2864 2864A
    68C257 8041A *1A 8042 *1A 8048AH *1A
    8049AH *1A 8050AH *1A 8741A *1A 8741AH *1A
    8742 *1A 8742AH *1A 8744H *1B,C 8748 *1A
    8748H *1A 8749H *1A 8751H *1B,C 8755A *1A
    87C256 87C257 87C51 *1C 87C64
    P27128A P27128B P27256 P27512
    P27513 P2764A P27C128

    Microchip Technology
    27256 27C128 27C256 27C512
    27C513 27C64 27HC64 28C04
    28C16 28C17 28C64 28CP256

    MX27C256 MX27C64

    M5L27128K M5L27128K-I M5L27256K M5L27256K-I
    M5L2732 M5L27512K M5L2764K M5L27C128K
    M5M27128P M5M27256P M5M27512P M5M2764P
    M5M27C128 M5M27C256K M5M27C512AK M5M28C64P

    ET2716 ETC2716 ETC2732 MK2716
    MK2764 MK38XXX MK48T02B MK48T12B
    MK48Z02 MK48Z03 MK48Z08 MK48Z09
    MK48Z12 MK48Z13 MK48Z18 MK48Z19
    TS27C17AC TS27C17AP TS27C256 TS27C256P
    TS27C256Q TS27C64 TS27C64P TS27C64Q
    TS28C16AC TS28C16AP TS28C64C TS28C64P

    MCM2532 MCM2716 MCM68764 MCM68766

    MM2716 MM2758-A MM2758-B NMC2732
    NMC27C128C NMC27C16 NMC27C256 NMC27C256B
    NMC27C32 NMC27C32B NMC27C32H NMC27C512
    NMC27C512A NMC27C64 NMC27CP128 NMC27CP128Q
    NMC9817 NMC98C64A

    8748HD *1A uPD27128 uPD2716 uPD27256
    uPD2732 uPD2732A uPD2764 uPD27C256
    uPD27C256A uPD27C512 uPD27C64 uPD28C64

    MSM27128A MSM27128AS MSM27128AZB-RS MSM2716
    MSM27256 MSM27256AS MSM27256ZB-RS MSM2732
    MSM2732A MSM27512 MSM27512AS MSM27512ZB-RS
    MSM2764 MSM2764A MSM2764AS MSM2764AZB-RS
    MSM2764RS MSM27C128AS MSM27C64AS MSM2816ARS

    Quick Pulse
    27011 27128 27128A 27256
    27512 2764 2764A

    RD27C256 RD27C64

    R2764 R27C64 R2816 R5213
    R52B13 R52B33 R87C32 R87C64

    KM2816A KM2816AI KM2817A KM2817AI
    KM2864A KM2864AH KM2865A KM2865AH
    KM28C64A KM28C65

    27128 27256 2764 27C256
    2804A 2816A 2816AH 2817A
    2817AH 2864 2864H 28C256
    28C64 28C65 36C16 36C32
    38C16 38C32 5133 5213
    52B13 52B13H 52B33 52B33H
    5516A 5516AH 5517A 5517AH
    55B33 55B33H 82005 82025

    ET2716 ETC2716 ETC2732 M27128A
    M2716 M2716P M27256 M2732A
    M27512 M2764 M2764A TS27C17AC
    TS27C17AP TS27C256 TS27C256P TS27C256Q
    TS27C64 TS27C64P TS27C64Q TS28C16AC
    TS28C16AP TS28C64C TS28C64P

    27C256 27C64A 87C256 87C64
    SC87C51 *1C

    SPM27128 SPM27C256 SPM27C64 SPM2864


    ET2716 ETC2716 ETC2732 MK2716
    MK2764 MK38XXX MK48T02B MK48T12B
    MK48Z02 MK48Z03 MK48Z08 MK48Z09
    MK48Z12 MK48Z13 MK48Z18 MK48Z19
    TS27C17AC TS27C17AP TS27C256 TS27C256P
    TS27C256Q TS27C64 TS27C64P TS27C64Q
    TS28C16AC TS28C16AP TS28C64C TS28C64P

    SMJ2516 SMJ2532 SMJ2564 TMS2516
    TMS2532 TMS2564 TMS25L32 TMS27128
    TMS2732A TMS2764 TMS27C128 TMS27C256
    TMS27C512 TMS27C64 TMS27P32A TMS27P64
    TMS27PC128 TMS27PC256 TMS27PC512 TMS27PC64

    TC54256AF TC54256AP TC57256 TC57256AD
    TC57256ADI TC57256D TMM23128-H,H TMM23128-H,L
    TMM23128-L,H TMM23128-L,L TMM2364-H,H TMM2364-H,L
    TMM2364-L,H TMM2364-L,L TMM24128AF TMM24128AP
    TMM24256AF TMM24256AP TMM24256BF TMM24256BP
    TMM24512AF TMM24512AP TMM24512F TMM24512P
    TMM2464AF TMM2464AP TMM27128 TMM27128A
    TMM27128AD TMM27128ADI TMM27128D TMM27128DI
    TMM27256 TMM27256A TMM27256AD TMM27256ADI
    TMM27256BD TMM27256BDI TMM27256D TMM27256DI
    TMM2732 TMM27512 TMM27512AD TMM27512ADI
    TMM27512D TMM27512DI TMM2764 TMM2764A
    TMM2764AD TMM2764ADI TMM2764D TMM2764DI

    VLSI Technology
    VT27C256 VT27C512 VT27C64 VTC27C256

    WS27C128F WS27C256F WS27C256L WS27C512F
    WS57C128F WS57C256F

    White Technology
    8014 8020 8023

    X2804A X2816A X2816AI X2816AM
    X2816B X2816H X28256 X2864A
    X2864AI X2864AM X2864B X2864H
    X28C256 X28C64


    FIND Find part names B Blank
    PARTS Lists supported parts L List chip contents on screen
    STAT Programmer status M Manually program
    P Program from hex file
    SETUP COMMANDS PB Program from binary file
    ADDR Set addressing mode PROT Protects microcontrollers
    BASE Set file start address RB Read, producing binary file
    C Select a chip RH Read, producing straight hex file
    PAGE Select active page RI Read, producing Intel hex file
    RM Read, producing Motorola hex file
    MISCELLANEOUS COMMANDS RT Read, producing Tekhex file
    ECHO Sets comm. protocol SUM Calculate/set checksum
    HELP Produces this screen V Verify from hex file
    QUIT Return to DOS VB Verify from binary file
    TEST Test programmer FILL Program a range with a value
    ; Comments
    ? Version information

    EP-1 EPROM Programmer V3.12
    Copyright 1985-1989 BP Microsystems
    Houston, Texas (713)461-9430
    6.144MHZ TYPE 4

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    YEP, my BP Microsystems EP-1 has served me well, even without the two adapters.

    I am well pleased with it.


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    As far as I know the EP-1 is their only programmer with a serial port interface, which doesn't require any special programmer software running on the PC. The supported device programming algorithms are baked into the programmer firmware and couldn't be updated with newer versions of the programming software. The good news is that you should be able to operate it from any computer with a serial port. The EP-1 that I had a few years ago I sold to someone on the forum here, if I remember right

    After that their PLD-1100, PLD-1128, EP-1132, EP-1140, CP-1128, BP-1148, BP-1200, BP-1400, BP-1600, BP-1700 programmers had LPT port interfaces and required DOS or Windows programmer software. The last programmer software version which supported the BP-1600 and BP-1700 was in 2013, and back in 2008 for earlier programmers. You can get BP-1200 and BP-1400 programmers for reasonable prices on eBay if you're patient and they are still great programmers for older devices, as long as you have an older PC with an LPT port.

    Their current programmer software only supports the USB interface programmers. I have USB interface BP-1410 and BP-1610 programmers. Those are fairly rare on eBay and usually go for at least $300 from the few that I have seen.


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