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Thread: Looking for Compis computer "Spider" game pics

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    Default Looking for Compis computer "Spider" game pics

    I believe it was around 1986, when I was in third grade in the primary school.
    We had Compis computer at school, they were popular in scandinavia at mid 80's.
    Our school had invested into three of these Compis computers. One or two of them
    even had a nice colour monitor, one was with green display. We had software biorythm,
    Othello game, one aquarium game/simulation in which you were supposed
    to keep the fish alive. There were also some text/word editor software.
    I believe all were with cp/m operation system.

    But my favourite was some "spider" type game, where you were supposed
    to eat juicy, red apples while avoiding to eat poison buckets. The more
    you ate the apples, the faster the spider got and eventually, it was impossible
    to avoid eating the poison, resulting the end of the game. I would really
    like to see that spider game one more time, one day.

    However - and unfortunately - the Compis computers seem to have
    disappeared from the face of the earth. I've asked one Finnish computer museum,
    that had very old (yet cool) stuff, but they too had none of them.
    There is very little material on internet about Compis compared to more
    popular computers of the 80's. I can only imagine, that most (hopefully not all)
    of the poor Compis computers were scrapped/destroyed after the computer became
    obsolete and unappreciated in the early 90's.

    Do you have a pic of Compis "Spider" (I'm not 100% sure, what the real name of the
    game actually was) ? Care to post it here ? I'd also like pics of any other Compis
    software. Pictures of working Compis units and their softwares are very rare
    on-line these days. I just hope, that "Spider" has not become lost ware.

    Do you remember Compis and it's software ? Throw a comment here .

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    No one seems to remember "Spider". Well, like said, the name of the game might have been
    something else too.

    The search for original "Spider" is challenging, so in the mean time, I have tried to recreate
    the game with Quick Basic. Perhaps this will ring a bell to someone:

    Do you remember ever playing or seeing such a game ?
    The gameplay should be very similar. I believe there was "Energy" or "Health", but no
    spare spiders in the original game. Begin screen is added, the original probably had just
    text screen before game begun. Sound effects were much more limited, if they existed at

    My recreation is almost ready. Still some bug fixes and minor tweaks, before I can call it ready.


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