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Thread: Somebody known Japanese? Unknown ISA 8 bit card

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    Default Somebody known Japanese? Unknown ISA 8 bit card

    First I am not a seller. Just I am interested what is this card - for me it is something like combo of floppy, RTC and maybe Ram, RS232, parallel, MIDI.

    Near the Japan is something written in Japanese - maybe You known what it mean(maybe something other that "Japan" in Japanese )

    Thank You for reading and answering.

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    Certainly a multifunction IO card with RTC and serial/parallel/gameport (the MIDI was a SoundBlaster-only thing if I haven't gotten it wrong). Not sure about if it got support for RAM tho, looks more like a floppy-controller circuit.

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    The Japanese printing appears to be the name of the company that designed the board. I wasn't able to determine what company it was, but Google Translate seemed pretty confident that the text ends with "Company" or "Corporation"

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    I see floppy (missing D765 FDC), dual comm (one 8250 and line interface missing) and parallel and clock.

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    Looks like "イホウ株式会社" (yay for which would be "Iho Corporation", probably not much help though. :: :: :: blog

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    Thanks All for info. Sadly IHO is mainly some organization in other field, so it hard to search. But maybe it is related to Japan Cash Registers or something like that - search engine found this after entering this name.

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