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Thread: Your first Atari, and last?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ncherry View Post
    LOL, yes I'd agree with that!

    For those not aware, the chip designers of the Atari chips went on to create the Amiga chips. At the same time they switched the Commodore Management team to Atari (well almost at the same time).
    Not sure on that I read in the latest book on the amiga was Amiga inc with funds from atari that's why commodore gave amiga inc
    the money to pay atari..
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    Started with an STE, still have an STE. Along the way had a Mega2 and a TT030 but the STE was my best buy eveer..

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    Quote Originally Posted by ncherry View Post
    For those not aware, the chip designers of the Atari chips went on to create the Amiga chips.
    That's right. Look up Jay Miner.

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    1980: Atari 400, 8K, mod'd later to 48K
    1982: Atari 800, mod'd later to 174K
    1984: Atari 800XL, mod'd to 256K
    1986: Atari ST, mod'd to 512K

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    I still have the first 3 above but I did not keep the ST. I think it actually came with 512K and I modified it to 1MB.

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    Alsso statred with and STE a basic still have it

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    definitely an STE as my first Atari and still have it

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    Had a 1040ST next to my Amiga 1000. Loved them both for different reasons. ~1986-87

    Then it was a 1040STE next to my Amiga 500 a few years later. ~1990-91

    Finally an Atari 800XL with a Lotharek SIO2SD drive a few years ago that was new old stock. ~2015-16

    All of it gone now, as I travel too much, so thank God for emulation.

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    My first Atari was Pong (when the home version was new-ish).

    My last so far is a 520ST (bought long after its heyday).

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    I was a Sinclair man for much of the early phase of the original home computing so I came late to the Atari party. My first Atari (around 1986-87) was therefore a 520STFM, which I still have. Originally 512K RAM, it acquired a further 2MB of RAM not long after I bought it.

    Around 2001, I got talking to a guy at work who was looking for a basic PC and discovered that he had an almost unused Atari 1040 so I went home and built the best PC I could throw together from the parts I had lying around and the next day, offered it to him as a direct swap for the Atari, which he agreed to. When I finally set eyes on the 'new' ST, it turned out to be a 1040 Ste, still in pristine battleship grey livery as it had never been exposed to the sun for any length of time.

    I tested it and then mothballed it in a dark place, and continued using my original STFM which was already dark orange and beyond cosmetic redemption. After about 15 years the STFM failed (temporarily). When I got the 1040 Ste out of storage to use while I was fixing the original machine, it worked for about half an hour and then froze up: That turned out to be due to the PLCC sockets, particularly the one for the CPU, not making good contact, and it was only properly and permanently repaired when I replaced the sockets. I also took the opportunity to upgrade its 1MB of memory to 4MB - unlike the STFM the RAM was in SIMM form factor and easily replaced.

    As things stand, both machines are still in working order. The old STFM workhorse is still used quite a bit: The Ste is back in dark storage to preserve its colour.

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