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Thread: China to ditch all Windows PCs by 2022

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    If I were a betting man, I'd bet good money that it'll be Linux-based, and derived from FOSS in general. China in general doesn't innovate, they just copy/steal.
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    My issues with the Chinese government aside, it doesn't really come as a great shock to me that a foreign power would sour on an OS where you now have to pay for enterprise licensing to stop it from phoning home to tell Redmond about what you're doing with your workstation. The really astonishing thing is that our government is still using it.
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    I am sure China pays very little to Microsoft for Windows anyway. Any new OS they create will need updates and an army of programmers who would take bribes to install CIA spyware anyway.
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    This makes perfect sense really. Using Windows increases their dependency on the US and gives the US a way to spy on them.

    If it were successful in government, I would not at all be surprised if some percent of the general population would adopt it (or some version of it, perhaps with China's own telemetry/spying).

    Unfortunately, it could just be posturing to get a better licensing deal. I seem to recall German government tried something like that for a while and eventually just reverted back to Windows.

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    That new Chinese OS had better work better than their light bulb from Lowes or they're in deep poo.
    Having just compared a couple of identical LED light bulbs bought at the same time - one used often, the other not - and noticing how dim the used one is now, I just have to second that.

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    I 2nd the Linux OS. Being open source you can see what the system is doing. Been using it for years and it competes good against a Win 10 machine. Gamers won't like it but business will.


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    There are two Linux based systems they currently use - both heavily customised for the Chinese market - Kylin and NeoKylin. The two are currently merging. It's not just government either - even by 2015 Dell was shipping Kylin on over 40% of systems it sold in China.

    I'd disagree with the 'doesn't innovate' - there is plenty of Chinese innovation in Linux.


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    They can do so, why not. But latest if they have to exchange MS office documents with other organisations, they will get in panic. Because with a little more complex docx and xlsx files they will fail, Libre Office is horrible with that, it will mess up embedded graphics and so on. Try to open a Power Point presentation in Livre office and have a look, it's like a joke, specially if you change something and reopen in Power Point.


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