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Thread: Maynard Electronic Hard Drive Motor Problem

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    Default Maynard Electronic Hard Drive Motor Problem

    Hello, I have ISA HardCard 20 from Maynard Electronic. There is nice 20MB 3,5" MFM hard drive. Problem is with disk rotation. When I turn it ON, disk is not rotating, but when I start gently turning with ring which is connected to moving heads, disk start rotating and work without problems. When I turn it off and again turn on, sometimes disk starts without moving with heads, but mostly I must again repeat operation with moving heads.

    464A62D5-B1DA-4EF5-AB80-5014B39A4257_resize.JPG IMG_9829_resize.jpg
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    This is a classic case of stiction. There's plenty of discussion here about this subject -- it's been very well covered.
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