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Thread: Best games for IBM XT ?

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    Starflight. I think we scarfed it from a friend who ran it on a Tandy 1000TX (or TL?). In any event that 1000 had a 286. And ran Ikari Warriors considerably faster then my ITT Xtra XP. Which also had a 286 with a VGA card. I attributed the speed difference to the Tandy having it's graphics built onto the motherboard. Or my ITT, though also a 286, only jad 8 bit slots.

    The VgA card was branded NSI. I drove to Middletown, NY to get it because it was so cheap during Computer Factory's sell off. It was an 8 bit card iirc. I may have scanned the manual and have it somewhere even.

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    Is there the source code lying around anywhere for the programs at ??

    That would really be cool.

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    Generally, no. But any game that is a .COM file was likely created from assembler source code, which is fairly straightforward to disassemble.
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    Some PC XT games I remember (CGA):
    Moon Bugs (uses the semi-documented 160x100 mode)
    Striker (similar to Super Cobra)
    J-Bird (like Q*bert)
    Alley Cat
    Miner 2049er
    Montezuma's Revenge (sadly the PC version was the worst graphically)

    There were adaptions of several arcade games of the era but there's no reason to play those today when you can easily play the actual arcade games in a modern emulator.


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